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Dominant Industries of Propeller Pumps

Dominant Industries

The AF model of propeller pumps finds its maximum usage in various industries. The machine along with reducing the required manpower and the efforts also plays a vital role in cutting down the manufacturing cost.

The industries that dominantly utilise the offered services are:

  • Chemical –Evaporator and crystallizer recirculation.
  • Petrochemical- Polypropylene Reactors, Xylene
  • Mining and Minerals- Phosphate, Soda Ash, Potash And Sodium Chloride Processing
  • Pulp And Paper Industry- Black Liquor Evaporator, Chlorine Dioxide Generators.

Along with that, the pumps prove to be a great help in mollifying the effects of natural calamities like floods and rive overflows. Furthermore, the pumps can efficiently transfer the marine blast debris to an apt location in no time thus enhancing the work pace. Not to miss, the pump is deliberately used in raw water pumping ensuring the 24 hrs water supply to the agriculturists.

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